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Diet and psychospiritual development: physiological, psychological, and spiritual changes and challenges associated with lacto-ovo vegetarian, vegan, and live food diets.Listening to the Sage: the experience of learning from the Salvia Divinorum altered state.

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The power of reflection: an analysis of the relationship between nondualism and manifest reality in the written work of Swami Shantananda.

The unnested woman: an investigation of dreams of midlife women who have experienced divorce from a long-term mate.Audio-visual stimulation and mindfulness meditation training: the effects of digital meditation on attention, electro-cortical activity, and well being.Growing a housebuilder: investigating a context for learning and modeling principles of transpersonal psychology.What an experience: a thematic analysis of the experience of male World of Warcraft players.The nature of mindfulness in long-term practitioners and teachers, and its role in well-being.The private face of feminism: a grounded theory of how feminist identification impacts heterosexual romantic relationships.

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Transformative film experiences: an intuitive inquiry into the power of film to change lives.The ecology of conception: a transpersonal approach to family planning.

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Connected responses: non-dissociated responses to emotional pain.

A mixed method exploration of unusual spiritual and religious experiences of women immigrated from an Indian culture to the United States.A study of the personality and psychological variables of Puerto Rican spiritist mediums and nonmediums.The healing wisdom within: a preliminary experimental trial of psycho-spiritual integrative therapy for people with cancer.A comparison of psychotherapists and financial consultants in their assessment and treatment of financial conflicts.The effects of a self acceptance training emphasizing compassion and mindfulness skills with inner experiences.Narrative scrapbooking: empathic facilitation of cocreated stories for bereaved and nonspecific adults in supplemental therapeutic support groups.Top 30 Interesting Thesis Topics In Architecture A thesis is the very last step in the completion of graduation.

Find the best dissertation writing company on our website and get the A for your dissertation.Self-Perceived Quality of Life Scale: theoretical framework and development.

Physical, psychological, spiritual, and posttraumatic growth experiences of women with breast cancer participating in a Psychospiritual Integration and Transformation course.Integrating mindfulness practices into the elementary curriculum to improve attention-to-task behaviors and social relations.

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Going home: an intuitive inquiry into the experience of reading fantasy literature.Luckily for me, my D-Day (dissertation hand-in day) has already been and gone.

Darkness visible implicit and explicit attitudes toward race, gender, and sexual orientation.Synergistic harmony: a grounded theory investigation of proficient and advanced african american middle-school boys.An intuitive inquiry into the volitionally childless woman and the images that support her transpersonal development.Mothering fundamentalism: the transformation of modern women into fundamentalist mothers.

Shared dreaming and communication within intimate human relationships.Love has no enemy: aikido as a system for training the sacred warrior.It begins with the embrace: exploring how couples who dance Argentine tango relate on and off the dance floor.

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LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources Thesis and Dissertations: 2006 to 2013 1 THESES AND DISSERTATIONS ACCEPTED BY THE LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY.The main reason why companies market their products is to show their consumers the main benefits that they can gain.